“La mia mente è come un treno che viaggia sui binari della razionalità. Seppur consapevole del viaggio, il passeggero che sosta nel mio cuore non manca di guardare, fuori dal suo finestrino, le nuvole che passano e che plasmano le piu belle immaginazioni.”

I’m a freelance graphic and web designer specialized in Digital Marketing and Art Director, currently living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. 

During my 7 years of experience, visual communication has become a new filter for my eyes through which I analyze the outside world. I love to study the psychology and techniques behind a brand and spread its values through socials. One of my “graphic” passions is collecting Advertisements and Designs examples from many profiles. 

I’m a dedicated, transparent, and observant individual who likes to set goals in both his personal and professional life and then strive to reach them.

Platforms like TrelloTogglGoogle Calendar Zoom/SkypeHangouts are my bread-and-butter (I’m also keen on learning how to use different tools, if it’s more convenient for you).  

I consider constant communication with my clients the key of an excellent teamwork. 3 basic things allow me to cooperate efficiently even with Companies that are based outside of Spain: Organising video calls and meetings, being constantly available during the day, and providing detailed reports

I love to think that passion encourages dedication and dedication brings results.