Local Buddies are open-minded people

A Local Buddy have the opportunity to participate to any Localbird experience for FREE.  After many trials, such as “event participations”, Local Buddies can earn money from events like “trips”.

A local Buddy is always ready to help the international community to learn more their local culture and environment.


Freemium is free. We give you a present only because we want you in the Localbird community. You can have our collaborator’s discounts FOR FREE

Premium is for having access to Localbird’s discounts. Merchandising & Events will be cheaper during all your membership and we will give you sooo many presents. Do you know that after 5 events you start saving more money than a Freemium?

Once you buy our “Secret-Map merchandising” it means that you really care about Localbird community and share our values. Once you buy it you become a Travel Member and have access to 16 Secret Places. But wait, there are more than 100 Secret Places and you have to discover them all. As a Travel Member you can buy them or you can play with them in the Local Game.

When you became an expert of Secret Places is the time that you turn into a Local Buddy. The path is hard, you have to pass many tests but you will join events for free and you can start earn money in the Localbird’s team.

In order to be a valid Local Buddy member you have to purchase your membership.

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