Clinical research organizations placed in London.

PROMETHEUS METABOLOMICS LTD 22 Eastcheap, 2nd Floor London, England ‚ÄčEC3M 1EU. The mark play with fire as the legend of Prometheus. They offer scalable, customizable research services to academic and commercial investigators in every area of the life sciences.

  • Tests
  • Final Brand
  • Font
Fonts selected have different family and kerning in the logotype. PROMETHEUS is Trajan: it comunicates magnificence of ancient times as the god who bring the fire to Earth. METABOLOMICS is a sanserif font (Helvetica Light Expanded) with a very huge kerning in order to reach the PROMETHEUS width.
  • Pictogram

The pictogram represents fire. Flames are overlayed and built from circles. Three points on the side repeat colours used and it remember an infographic structure.

  • Corporate identity
  • How it works on the website