Fountain Pen
  • Pictogram
  • Colour

The colour brings elegance,

shade gives movement.

In italian there is a wordplay: brain is also called

“grey substance”.

  • Font

The brand consists of a pictogram and a logo. The logotype combines name and surname, the different fonts give contrast and movement; the first one rounded, the other one sharpened: these elements reveal the duality of the actual brand.

  • Logo mark

As the brand shows, circles mark out my work method, because they reveal the secret of geometric and natural perfection: nature works through them and the eye is pleasantly attracted from this form.
The figure is drawn crossing circles, indeed, creating a complex image that reproduces a brain. A fountain pen is formed by the zone between the two cerebral hemispheres, using the empty spaces.
The brain stands for my rational personality and my creative way of finding original solutions; the pen represents the passion for drawing, painting and illustration.
Every idea borns in the brain, passes through my pen and finishes in a sketchbook.

  • Logo mark