02/10 Nomads North Trip

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Special Price "Group of friends"

25€ / person EARLY BIRD (first 15 people) 26€ / person LATE BIRD 24€ / 5 people group  - Max People: 53 Meeting point: 11.00 in front of AC HOTEL In this event Nomads & Locals are welcome "Where international people meet locals"
  • Networking games for better international relationships
⬇️ Event description below 

Localbird Experience

The aim of this trip is to invite Nomads to meet Locals and local culture, creating connections through local places trips.


The Trip

🛖 We will visit a local building (fisherman house-cave). The local communities in the northern area are very authentic. Generations of fishermen have lived along this coast for many years. We will learn how to respect them and have a positive impact on the local communities by discovering the places in a conscious way.
🏖️ We will have the opportunity to eat local dishes in a very authentic way, we call it “asadero” and is a barbeque lunch. If the weather or availability is not good we can choose a Special Price Menu in the city.
💦 Finally a beautiful secret place that only locals know!!! We will stop at a Lighthouse and discover hidden pools! But not regular pools, natural pools shaped by centuries on the coast of this amazing island!
Finally, let’s hear music and chill watching the sun go down and say goodbye to another incredible journey!

🧥Please REMEMBER to bring with you comfortable clothes and a jacket in the case will be cold.


🐦🦜 Localbird is a travel community for better local tourism, international people that share our values want to give a positive impact on the local environment, we connect local people to those people that are not only tourists but citizens of the world💬🚌 (we will play networking games such the Guagua Networking)

🐦🦜  Localbird educates its community through a positive tourism and create connections through experiences and trips, it gives people the tools to get to deeply know Canarian culture and gives the opportunity, for locals, to know new cultures and learn new languages “traveling” without moving from the island. 

Please REMEMBER, if you are a  Student/Premium Member you will have:

💳 SPECIAL PRICE for LocalBird members in AventuraEnCanarias’s activities.

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Published: September 16, 2022

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