Language Exchange – Speed sessions

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Every Thursday Free event

Subscribe for free in order to have your place at the event. Language exchange session before Tapas Night in Vegueta. - Max People: 150 Meeting point: 18.30 Hashtag Coworking Vegueta In this event Students, SICUE and Erasmus are welcome "Where international people meet locals"
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Localbird Experience

— Language Exchange —

💬💬 Let’s meet new people and practice new languages. Local people will help to improve your spanish.

The language exchange will be dynamic and fast in order to let everybody talk to everybody… 

“the aperitif before the tapas night”

🌮🍺 Tapas Night is a local institution in all Spain. Every Thursdays an area of each city provide a special offer (tapas+drink) for a cheaper price. Enjoy this night at Vegueta.

Please REMEMBER, if you are a  Student/Premium Member you will have:

💳 SPECIAL PRICE for Premium and Students: Do you know that after 5 events you start saving more money than a Freemium?

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Published: September 18, 2022

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